Reduce Infection Rates, Improve Patient Safety & Increase Revenues

For 2017 CMS has created a new safety domain that primarily measures infection rates, learn how your team can reduce infections, improve patient experience, and increase hospital revenues.

Improving Patient Satisfaction In Senior Living Communities

IPCE provides evidence-based, comprehensive and innovative approaches for infection prevention solutions. Learn how your team can ensure infection prevention & control standards/measures.

Infection Prevention & Control in Childcare Settings

Infection prevention & control in childcare settings involves carrying out risk assessments and putting measures in place to manage any risks identified.

Core Values

Our Business Is Saving Lives & Preventing Deaths!!!

At IPCE it is our firm belief that having a set of Core Values is critical to our short and long-term reputation & success. Our Core Values are the guiding principle which ensures that we are committed as your service resource & partner to eradicate harmful bacteria and healthcare associated infections (HAIs).


Estimated number of deaths each year attributed to HAIs


Estimated annual price tag for direct medical costs of preventable HAIs


Average amount of children each year under age of 5 hospitalized due to influenza complications
Core Values

Let IPCE Be Your Solution In The Fight To Eradicate Harmful Bacteria.

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