FAQFrequently Asked Questions

What is electrostatics?
Electrostatics has been around and used for decades in the automotive, agriculture, inkjet and photocopier industries. Electrostatics is easily understood: opposite charges attract and like charges repel. Two positively charged things (+ and +) will repel each other. Two negatively charged things (– and –) will repel each other. Using this natural electrostatic phenomenon, E-Mist developed and patented a breakthrough disinfectant application technology and system. The E-Mist Electrostatic Systems place a positive (+) charge on the liquid droplets as they leave the spray nozzle. The dispersed droplets spread out more evenly and seek out a negative (–) or neutrally charged surface (most surfaces are either negative or neutral). The end result is that the disinfectant is more targeted, provides more uniform coverage with less waste, and just like a magnet, attracted to an oppositely charged surface with remarkable force.
What is the E-Mist Disinfectant Application System? 
The E-Mist patented electrostatic disinfection application system is a 2016 innovation award winner and presents an effective, approved, and cost effective alternative to disinfection methods.
How does E-Mist compare to other disinfection systems?
Existing disinfection systems including wipes spray, fogging, and UV lighting are either ineffective or highly expensive and as environmental surface contamination & healthcare-acquired infections continues to increase, the E-Mist electrostatic disinfection application system presents an effective, approved, and cost effective alternative to facility disinfection procedures.

Are there room isolation requirements, such as sealing the room and isolating the ventilation system?
Unless otherwise regulated by OSHA there are no other requirements, however based on your respective facility type & usage should there be a requirement our IPCE team will ensure we are always within OSHA standards.


What is the ROI on having an Infection Prevention Program? 
Our Infection Control Plan is an economical, safe solution that is easily incorporated onto your current cleaning protocols and can drastically impact/ reduce healthcare-related infection rates. Contact our IPCE office to schedule a Free on-site assessment.

Is there proven documentation of success rate?
Yes there is; refer to IPCE’s website under White Papers & Case Studies for the proven documentation of evidence-based solutions and its ability to reduce HAIs.

Does it replace traditional Cleaning? 
No, manual terminal cleans still leave 30-60% of the organisms behind and result in over 40 billion dollars wasted in the U.S. Healthcare System. Our high-level disinfection treatment is incorporated onto your current cleaning protocols and reduces that 30-60% of harmful organisms left behind.

How often will I need Disinfection Services?
This is solely dependent upon your facility/operational usage; once you’ve completed an online assessment with our Account Executives we will be able to better determine the required recommendation of frequency for decontamination services. The frequency of decontamination services will differ based upon an organizations facility type usage.

Does it damage materials or equipment? 
At IPCE we take great pride in researching & analyzing the products we use to ensure all chemical products used are EPA registered non-corrosive, hospital grade and safe choice products.

Can you assist us in green cleaning initiatives?
Yes, as part of your on-site assessment, our team will identify current chemicals which are in use that may trigger health problems, like chlorine bleach products that produce Trihalomethanes (THM) and haloacetic acids (HAAS) which are linked to cancer.

How can we help you?

Contact us at an IPCE office nearest you to receive a FREE Facility Assessment or submit your inquiry online.

Simply put when you make infection prevention a priority you in turn reassure parents, guardians and the community at large that you are committed to reducing communicable diseases & controlling the spread of harmful pathogens that cause infectious diseases….

Frank J. Brown
CEO/COO, IPC Environmental Solutions LLC.