Emergency Outbreak Response

The threat of an infectious outbreak can lurk anywhere and some obvious facilities are; healthcare facilities, research laboratories, trauma and disaster scenes. However other areas such as locker rooms, food service prep areas, public transportation, hotels and schools are often overlooked.

Whether the situation is an emergency bio-hazard cleanup or managed maintenance, IPCE’s decontamination and disinfection services mitigate bio-hazard threats from facilities and equipment.

Deployment and response times will vary based on facility’s geographical location. Should your facility be located within our immediate service area there is up to a 24 hour response time.

How can we help you?

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Simply put when you make infection prevention a priority you in turn reassure parents, guardians and the community at large that you are committed to reducing communicable diseases & controlling the spread of harmful pathogens that cause infectious diseases….

Frank J. Brown
CEO/COO, IPC Environmental Solutions LLC.

Let IPCE Be Your Solution In The Fight To Eradicate Harmful Bacteria.