A young child’s immune system is far more prone to germs than older kids & adults

The CDC reports that each year, an average of 20,000 children younger than 5 years are hospitalized because of flu-related complications. Influenza causes more hospitalizations among young children than any other vaccine-preventable disease.

Another growing concern for within the childcare industry is the increase of outbreaks associated with hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD). The most common HFMD in the United States is Coxsackievirus A16 and is often spread through infected children through; close personal contact, contact with contaminated objects & surfaces, air (coughing/sneezing), contact with feces.


By the end of a typical day in a childcare facility, high-touch surfaces/objects (HTS/HTO) are covered in bacteria that can compromise a child’s health. One viral outbreak can potentially shut down a facility for days, forces parents to miss time from work and will create a negative perception within the community of your childcare facility.

Many childcare centers and preschools use a solution of chlorine bleach and water to disinfect against germs. But the chlorine in bleach doesn’t disinfect every microorganism, requires a lengthy dwell time, and leaves noxious fumes in the rooms where children play and learn.

Research shows that workers & children who are exposed to bleach, can develop new asthma-related symptoms from exposer to bleach over time. In 2012, the Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics (AOEC), named bleach an asthmagen, which means it can cause asthma, and can trigger an asthma attack in someone who is already asthmatic.


IPCE is the solution; we Go beyond the Old Standards for Cleaning/Disinfection”!!! By combining cutting edge technology with evidence-based approaches, our infection control plan kills up to 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria on contact including but not limited to:

HFMD (Hand-Foot-Mouth-Disease)
Streptococcus (Strep) or Staphylococcus (Staph)
Influenza (Flu)
Rhinovirus (Common Cold)
Conjunctivitis (Pink-Eye)
Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)


We do more than just verify surface and equipment cleanliness; IPCE utilizes advanced technologies and patented designs manufactured by Hygiena’s Adenosine Triphosphate Testing (ATP) to evaluate & validate the effectiveness of cleaning materials, chemicals, assess the performance of environmental services staff, and ensure compliance with standardized cleaning disinfection protocols.

Our system corroborates that the optimal levels of cleanliness are met by identifying the CFU of microbial life that is present. Monitoring this information is invaluable and will enable administrators/staff the ability to accurately pinpoint high-risk areas for treatment and minimize infectious disease outbreaks.

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Simply put when you make infection prevention a priority you in turn reassure parents, guardians and the community at large that you are committed to reducing communicable diseases & controlling the spread of harmful pathogens that cause infectious diseases….

Frank J. Brown
CEO/COO, IPC Environmental Solutions LLC.

Let IPCE Be Your Solution In The Fight To Eradicate Harmful Bacteria.